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Tips for Coping When Your Loved One Is Diagnosed with Dementia

Finding out that a loved one has dementia can be confusing and distressing. Arming yourself with information about the disease and confronting the diagnosis head-on will help you feel more in control. Confronting the diagnosis will also help you face the decisions you will need to make to ensure your loved one has the care he or she needs, such as where your loved one will go when he or she needs assisted living or memory support services . These tips will help you cope after your loved one is diagnosed with dementia.

Get Educated

If your loved one has dementia, find out as much as you can about his or her condition. Learning what kind of dementia your loved one has is a good starting point, so you can find out more about the kinds of changes you can expect. Educating yourself about the disease will help you make decisions about future care and plan for the kind of support your loved one will need. Finding out more about the disease will help you develop realistic expectations about what lies ahead.

Avoid Arguing

Dementia is frustrating for the person who is experiencing and for their loved ones. Initially, you may become upset when your loved one doesn’t remember something that you think is important, but resist the urge to argue. Arguing about details or memories won’t help your loved one remember and will instead make him or her feel agitated and confused. Doing so will also increase your own frustration, without any benefit. Being patient will help you and your loved one.

Have a Plan

Planning for your loved one’s long-term care is essential. If your loved one is still able to contribute to these plans, then it’s even more important to focus on this process. Decide who can be a caretaker in your family, how to manage your loved one’s financial needs, and what assisted living facility is right when he or she needs care.

At The Legacy of Farmington , our senior living community provides compassionate care for people living with dementia, with individualized services to match your loved one’s needs. For more information about our senior living center in Farmington, MN, please call (651) 463-2933.

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