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Things to Do When Visiting Your Loved One in the Nursing Home

Most seniors want to stay as independent as possible. Modern assisted living communities offer seniors varying levels of care, according to their needs and preferences. Visit your loved one as often as possible when he or she moves to a nursing home or senior living community, as frequent visits will support strong family relationships and your loved one’s emotional well-being. There are plenty of things to do while visiting. Adjust your menu of choices in accordance with your loved one’s ability level.

Go for a walk.

If your loved one retains his or her mobility, a walk is a pleasant way to catch up. Both of you can benefit from the fresh air and exercise, and a change of scenery is a welcome sight for nursing home residents. Even if your loved one is wheelchair-bound, you can still go outdoors with him or her. Just stay on level walking paths.

Share a meal.

Companionship is especially important during mealtimes. At some assisted living centers, visitors are welcome to dine with their loved ones in the dining hall. Or, bring over some groceries and cook together with your loved one in his or her kitchen.

Participate in a favorite hobby.

Card games, board games, and puzzles are all fun ways to pass the time with your loved one. Bring a small selection of activities when you go to the assisted living community. Or, your loved one might prefer to catch up on some knitting projects.

Bring a furry friend.

Contact the nursing home ahead of time to ask if bringing a furry friend is acceptable. Your loved one (and the other residents) will enjoy spending time with a friendly dog or cat. Just make sure that the animal you bring has a good temperament.
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