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How to Help Your Loved One Transition to Assisted Living

When your loved one is no longer able to independently care for themselves, you may be placing them in an assisted living facility. However, this can be a difficult time for your loved one, as they may feel they are losing their independence. As such, it it important to take certain steps to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible and your loved one is happy. Here are a few of the ways you can help your loved one during this life changing time.

Find the Right Facility for Your Loved One

One of the ways you can make the transition into an assisted living facility easier on your loved one is to find the right facility for them. Many people make the mistake of selecting a facility that is close to them or has amenities they would enjoy. Don't think about yourself when making the decision. Select the facility that appeals most to your loved one, even if it means you have to drive a little further to get there.

Communicate Often

Another way to help your loved one during their transition to an assisted living facility is to communicate with them often. This includes sending them cards, calling them and visiting. Many individuals feel they will be forgotten about when they go to a senior living facility. Ensuring family and friends continue to communicate with your loved one can help ease this worry.

Ensure Your Loved One Keeps Up With Their Hobbies

If your loved one has any hobbies, ensure they have the means to continue these hobbies while in an assisted living facility. Familiarity can make a transition easier on your loved one.

Help the Staff Understand Your Loved One

The last way you can help make a transition to assisted living easier on your loved one and the staff at the center is to help the staff understand your loved one. Do they have any strange quirks? Do they have favorite foods? Do they enjoy certain music? Staff can accommodate your loved one if they understand your loved one, which can make the transition easier on everyone.

If you are looking for an assisted living center for your loved one, be sure to check out The Legacy of Farmington. We are a new senior living community located in Farmington, MN. We have independent plus, assisted living and memory support living options. When your loved one is unable to live by themselves, we can help provide your loved one with the support they need in a caring and nurturing environment, helping to make the transition as easy as possible for both you and the person you love.

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